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We believe in using our precision CNC's to provide our partners with the highest quality parts and components that one could expect. Through the use of our equipment we have the ability to hold a tolerance of up to +/-.0001," within the given material specifications. 

Not only do we implement the use of highly qualified and tediously maintained precision equipment, we know how to use it too. We use our vast expertise in precision manufacturing to provide quality that is reflected in everything that we make. Ranging from short run prototypes, to 10,000 piece batch orders. Our commitment to quality components produced in a timely manner is unparalleled. Through use of high accuracy inspection equipment we can ensure repeatable results no matter the project, material, or specification

Our commitment to precision is apparent equally in our equipment as our craftsmanship. We maintain NIST certification(s) on most if not all of our measurements devices to ensure accuracy the first time, every time. 

Contract manufacturing is far more than the ability to produce but rather the desire to provide consistent and unmistakable quality and customer service to all of our partners. To find our how mammoth can help you produce please follow the link below.

Engineering Design

Design is where it all begins. In a world of things, mechanisms and locomotion the process from inception to conception all begins from a good design. Yet, a good design without great engineering is not a good at all. Utilizing the fundamentals of engineering in correlation with proficiency in CAD we are able to recreate, engineer and imagine on demand. 

Design engineers at Mammoth are trained and/or degree'd engineers providing attention to detail accompanied with form and function throughout the process. Through the use of extensive knowledge in manufacturing we guarantee designs that which can be produced cost effectively and efficiently. Through implementation of PFMEA (Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) guidelines as well as PLM (Product Life-cycle Management) standards we can weed out the possibility for any downstream supply chain hang-ups before they occur. 

Design Intent is paramount in everything we do. Being that we produce much of what we engineer, we understand that translation throughout various CAD platforms is important for product maintenance. We provide and maintain digital copies for CAD data in all file formats. As well as, technical drawings for various methods of production, such as wire EDM, Casting, Milling, Weldements, 3D Printing, Assembly and much more. 


To learn about how we can help create capacity through engineering design please follow the link bellow. 

Reverse Engineering

Contrary to popular belief, reverse engineering is not engineering in reverse but rather the art/science of recreating the form and function of a part or assembly to out preform what already is. The process and outcome are similar to engineering design with the addition of conforming design constraints. 


The added benefit to reverse engineering is that by recreating from an existing part reduces revisions in the design cycle with the guarantee of process and product improvement. Additionally reverse engineering can be used to create manufacturing independence from parts, assemblies or tooling that can no longer be sourced. Whether it be creating Molds, Dies, Forms, Patterns, Plugs or just mission critical components. 

Techniques utilized for reverse engineering such as 3D Scanning, CT Scanning, CMM Probing and other various forms of digitization can be used for creating new parts as well. This process is most notably used in the the production of forms for the carbon fiber, fiber glass and Thermoform industries. Utilizing the above stated techniques will assure dimensional accuracy the first time. Reducing the overall cost and time to production

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Product Development

Product development is our passion. Taking ideas from concept to creation is not just what we do it is what we live for. Founded by inventors, the passion, ambition, excitement and struggle that many people face through the development cycle is shared by our team.


We don't just preach it we live it. We have several products of our own that are in various stages of development, all from highly sophisticated to overly simple. For that reason and many more we connect with inventors and share your passion. When you develop with us you can rest assured that you are in good hands with a team that knows your journey. 

We have the ability to design, prototype and create nearly anything in-house. Ensuring a smooth and pain free process. We move through the conceptual phase quickly and working towards tangible prototypes. We have a network of affiliates that can help with marketing material, apps, electrical circuit design and even textiles. 

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We understand that the decision to automate is often a difficult one. In many cases there are more questions than answers and it seems like most providers are too busy to engage. Not to mention the vast amount of options available can be mind numbing. Fortunately we not only are the service providers but end users as well. 

As the users of our own services we are able to not only provide insight from the problems we have solved for our customers but also demonstrate the solutions we use ourselves. We continue to push the envelope and explore in our lab. Allowing us to attempt novel methods without risk to customer projects. In house manufacturing allows us to produce and adapt quickly without costing our clients costly down time. 

Our automation focus is centered around machine tending, collaborative robot programming and integration, vision-less pick and place, legacy equipment overhaul and semi automated retrofit to meet current OSHA compliance. 

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