Small Batch & Prototype

In a commodity market, we are your value added partners in production. When most shops ignore your RFQ or turn you away due to low quantity complex parts. We welcome the challenge. We share our customers frustrations and use our vast knowledge, highly sophisticated equipment and innovative approach to help you avoid project hangups. Whether you simply need added capacity, manufacturing insight or complete cradle to grave process management, we are here for you.

Using some of the finest turning and milling equipment available on the market today. We can easily hold +/-0.0001" on all listed materials over 4+ operations across multiple machines. Utilizing on machine probing for setup an inspection we ensure accurate results the first time, every time.

We can provide inspection reports for any batch quantity at any point of the production cycle. We have on and off site CMM capabilities to ensure accuracy in your production as well as ours. 

All of our tools are of the highest quality. Sourced from Germany, Japan and right here in the USA. All tools are regularly inspected for wear and defects to avoid any downstream issues that could arise from faulty cutters. 

Emergency Response

Nearly every facet of life has a resource for emergency response. Whether they are safety related such as, fire, criminal and medical or non-safety such as, automotive, HVAC or law. However, the industry that that stands to lose the most in a time of need receives the least support.


At Mammoth we have rolled out the beta to our new emergency response program, helping production and manufacturing facilities to keep business moving in a pinch. We provide the option for next day turnaround, given the material is available within reason. For many simple and complex components. Whether you need a simple bracket or fixture for a specialized piece of production equipment or need a Die or Mold resized on the fly. We are here to help ease frustration in your time of need. 


If the part in question has no part file or drawing no worries! We can generate data on the spot utilizing our 911 RE response program. Applicable to parts and assemblies ranging from simple plates and fixtures to complex free-form tooling.  



  • D2

  • A2

  • S7

  • H13

  • O-1

  • W-1

  • H-17


  • 304 S.S

  • 303 S.S

  • 416 S.S

  • 17-4 PH

  • 1018

  • 4140

  • 12L14


  •  2024

  • 3003

  • 5052

  • 6061

  • 6063

  • 7075



  • Delrin

  • Nylon 

  • Teflon

  • UHMW

  • Kynar (PVDF)

  • PEEK

  • ABS

  • Polycarbonate


  • Titanium 6Al-4V

  • Inconel

    • 718​

    • 625

  • Bronze

  • Tungsten


Tel: (704) 727-3330 


Mon - Fri: 9am -  6pm


11939 Ramah Church Road Huntersville N.C. 28078