Who Is mammoth?

Our Story

Like our customers' designs, we started as an idea. This concept was a company that which provides precision manufactured components, designed and engineered by professionals. Produced by experts and used by all. All through integrity, ingenuity and creativity.


The Founders are two neighbors that happen to be on the opposite ends of the product development spectrum, inventor and developer. They knew that between the both of them there was a better way. This idea, was soon to become Mammoth Machines + Design.

Our Vision

Innovate the industry through use of automation, novel methods and a diverse team of experienced, creative individuals 

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

- Albert Einstein

Our Mission

Mammoth Machine and Design offers high quality, precision engineered dedication to provide a smooth transition to the future though our automation, product development and engineering design work. Our dynamic and flexible culture at Mammoth provides a nurturing environment for productivity and ingenuity to flourish.

Our Values

Precision: We take pride in providing high precision products.

Reliability: Mammoth strives to provide the most reliable parts. Engineered and designed by experts.

Integrity: Mammoth Machine and Design promotes integrity throughout the entire company. We trust each member of the team, knowing each member will perform with high standards.

Ingenuity: Our team is well versed in different aspects of product development providing an environment that nurtures creative thinking and problem solving.

Dynamic: The philosophy at Mammoth is flexible and relaxed. We know that great ideas are born when we are at our best.

"The Negotiator"

George Brinzey


Director of Operations

Ali Bahar

Director of Business Development


Tel: (704) 727-3330 


Mon - Fri: 9am -  6pm


11939 Ramah Church Road Huntersville N.C. 28078