Call To Action

Mammoth is teaming up with anyone and everyone that wants to help fight the good fight. The battle will be long and arduous. We aim to do our part and support our local heroes everywhere. They are our doctors, nurses, practitioners, first responders, pharmacists, and many others. 


This page is for all who seek to contribute or those that need contribution. While we are small divided, as a team we are mighty. Let us band together and make a difference.

This page will remain live as we post new material, updates, status reports. Let this serve as a consortium of shared resources and a beacon hope and progress. 


Stuff to save lives. This is the consortium of all the great ides our fellow humans have helped develop.


Donations. Charity. Giving

We will be looking for voulenteers, contributors and good samertians looking to help. All at a safe distance of course


Projects in process. While time is of the essence, neccessity is the father of creation. Help us create and contribute your designs for us to manufactur with our state of the art equipment.


Above all we are here to help. Please use the forms on this page to solicit our donations. We have lots to give and will be utilizing our community to give all that we can. 


Mammoth is proud to team up with our favorite local distillery Murto Made. We will be producing high-quality hand sanitizer from spirits otherwise used for vodka. Our recipe will be Formula 1 set in place by the WHO (World Health Organization), utilizing FDA approved ingredients from domestic suppliers. 

Our mission is simple,  to support all of the heroes that are risking their health to fight the pandemic. For every 55 gallons of hand sanitizer purchased we donate 10 gallons to our heroes. 

For all those fighting the good fight, we commend you, we thank you and may God bless you. Any organizations that need donations please send your requests to


Tel: (704) 727-3330 


Mon - Fri: 9am -  6pm


11939 Ramah Church Road Huntersville N.C. 28078